About Us

About Office Chair Wala

‘Chair’ As random as the word sound, the more prior it is.

Chairs play a vital role in our life, either its office or home. And so do we.As minor as looking for a chair it, that tremendously difficult to find one.  And here we come – The Office Chair wala.

Our work glimpse in our name.


Officechairwala.in is started recently to do your search for office chairs crisp and clear and to be the platform you can believe and visit before buying an office chair for you or your company.The motive is not being the number one on Google, but to be the number one on your list.

Who are we?

Officehairwala.in has the list of out of the blue and each hot rated office chair in India. We cover the vast range of all types of office chairs used in the Indian market. We have the details of all the most incredible and craziest office chairs of each and every brand.

But, we are only show casers; we are filters.

We have always believed in genuine quality, and thus we admire it and want you to use it the best.

How we work?

As said above, we work as a filter for you. Our team searches for the best options of top office chairs in India and showcases them in front of you.
Our pattern of research is quite different from others, and here it is:

  1. Market Research
  2. Finding Key specifications
  3. Analyzing Customer Reviews
  4. One last manual testing
  5. Selecting the best office chairs
  6. Ranking

Why choose us?

We have multiple reasons why we should be prioritized above others. But, we believe the only one that matters is our precise result.

At officechairwala, you will find what you will not find anywhere. We get no benefit from here, as we are not assigned or contracted by any brand or company. We work for our own and our users.

And that’s why we only show which worth buying.

We play no monopoly with the truth. What’s true is true.